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Content and working packages

The project analyses the contribution and respective mechanisms of climate reporting in reducing CO2 emissions in three working packages: 

The project illuminates the status quo of climate reporting. We analyse whether and how mandatory and voluntary climate reporting is associated with changes in corporate CO2 emissions and with changes in investor reactions to disclosed climate data.

Furthermore, the research takes the investor’s perspective on climate change reporting. It is unclear, whether and potentially how investors use climate data in their evaluation and investment decision process. Our analysis will help to better understand the relevance of climate data in the investment decision-making process with the goal of presenting recommendations on how to improve the use of this data.

Finally, the project analyses the influence of different designs of climate reporting on managerial decision-making and thus also takes the corporate perspective on climate reporting. We analyse which design(s) of climate reporting are best suited to encourage managers to make emission-reducing investments.

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